There is no experience quite like it! A Holy Land tour is an unforgettable experience. It is also the greatest Bible learning experience in the world.

Join Greg Sanford in the Holy Land!

NOVEMBER 20–29, 2020

$4,150 per person (when paid by check or money order)


When you go to the Holy Land, the Bible teaching is what matters! On this trip, you’ll have an expert Jewish guide who is very familiar with the Hebrew Scriptures, the Hebrew foundations of Christianity, the life and times of Jesus the Messiah, and the birth of the church out of Judaism. You’ll also have the strong Bible-based teaching of Dr. Randy White, who has toured Israel for many years and taken hundreds of people to the Holy Land.

This trip includes all of Israel at an unbeatable ALL-INCLUSIVE price. The trip price of $4,275  (get a $125.00 per person cash discount when paying in check or money order) includes airfare (see below for details), three meals daily from arrival to departure, hotels, luxury coach exclusive to our group, expert guides, entry fees, bottled water, even tips and taxes. The only things not included is trip insurance, which is strongly encouraged.




Daily Holy Land Tour Itinerary


November 20 – Friday

Departure from USA. Departure will be from Philadelphia, Washington, DC, JFK, or the local airport of your choice when the flight works with our group budget. Flights are not on group tickets, but on individual tickets (included in the price). This enables you to adjust flight schedules for your convenience, select seats (when available with the airlines), upgrade, and earn or use travel miles. Flight arrangements are done in consultation with you! If departure and return dates are not adjusted, we arrange transportation to and from the airport in Tel Aviv. If you come early or stay late, you will have an additional transportation charge (typically around $60 USD. Transportation to and from your selected airport is not included.

November 21 – Saturday

Arrival at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport. You will be met at the airport by our representative who will assist you with passport control and luggage pickup. Transfer to the hotel. Dinner and overnight in Neve Ilan.


November 22 – Sunday

We begin the morning with a fabulous tour of Caesarea Maritima (by the sea). You’ll walk where Peter and Paul walked, and be utterly amazed at the ruins of this ancient seaport. Caesarea includes ruins from the Roman period through the Crusader era and through the Ottoman reign.

Our next stop is Mt. Carmel, for a great reminder of the power of God through the story of Elijah, and an unforgettable look over the Jezreel Valley.  Following lunch, we will travel north to the Golan, where we will have a fabulous lodge and dinner at an Israeli kibbutz.

November 23 – Monday

Visiting the Golan Heights is a must do for any trip to Israel. You will see the beauty of this area, and also learn the strategic importance that the land serves for the modern nation of Israel. Our stop at Caesarea Philippi will help you to put perspective on Jesus’ question, “who do men say that I am?” You’ll have a hand’s on experience with the ancient pagan ruins of this town. Our stop at Dan will show us the beauty of the Golan as well as the northernmost settlement of the “Northern Kingdom” of Israel. We will see the “Gates of Abraham” and literally walk where Abraham walked. In addition, today we will have an amazing jeep ride to some of the old military bunkers of the days of the Syrian wars, prior to 1973. You will learn about Israel from its most ancient to its most modern times.

Dinner and overnight at the kibbutz.

November 24 – Tuesday

We will start the morning headed south to the Sea of Galilee, where we will enjoy the peace and beauty of being right in the center of Jesus’ ministry. We will learn about the towns surrounding the lake, the miracles of Jesus around and on the lake. You will have an opportunity to see the Ancient Galilean boat that will give you a perfect understanding of fishermen of Jesus’ day.

You will find yourself amazed at Capernaum, the “headquarters” of Jesus’ Galilean ministry. You’ll stand where Jesus stood, and be in the very synagogue in which Jesus taught.

Through the day, we will also stop at a commemorative location where we can remember the Sermon on the Mount and the feeding of the 5,000. This day will be filled with New Testament sites, fabulous vistas, and the warmth of the people and places of Galilee.

Dinner and overnight at the Sea on Galilee.

November 25 – Wednesday

Let’s begin our day with a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee! Here we will have a great time of worship, being amazed as we are surrounded by all the places of Jesus’ Galilean ministry. After our boat ride, we will head south, following the Jordan River, to Beit Shean, a city containing most fabulous Roman ruins in Israel today. You’ll see the theater, the cardo (main road), the ancient temples, and so much more. We will Continue to Qumran, the site where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. On our way to the Sea of Galilee, we will visit Jericho, the oldest city in the world and in the Text it is described as “City of Palm Trees”. Dinner and overnight on the Dead Sea. Bring your swimsuit for a fabulous float at the lowest point on earth.

November 26 – Thursday


Starting the day at Masada, the desert fortress built by King Herod on a natural plateau overlooking the Dead Sea. Then driving north to Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, a beautiful oasis in the heart of the Judean desert, rich with flora and fauna. This was the place David chose when seeking refuge from King Saul. We will then make a stop in the Judean wilderness, learning about the life of David, hearing the 23rd Psalm, and being awestruck by the ominous beauty of the wilderness. Making our way up to Jerusalem we will catch our first sights of the Holy City before spending the night in nearby Bethlehem.



November 27 – Friday

We will walk thru the Western Wall Tunnel that runs along the hidden continuation of the Western Wall. We will walk thru the Jewish quarter and see the Cardo, the main street during the Roman era.  We will visit the City of David and then The Southern Stairs which was the main entrance to the Temple during the Second Temple Period. In the afternoon we will drive to Bethlehem where we will visit Shepherds’ field, the scene where the Angel of the Lord visited the shepherds and told them about Jesus’ birth then continue to the Church of Nativity. Dinner and overnight in Bethlehem.


November 28 – Saturday

We start our day at Mount of Olives with a stunning view over the Old City of Jerusalem. Walk the Palm Sunday Route down to the Garden of Gethsemane. At the bottom of the Mt of Olives is the Kidron Valley with three extraordinary tombs; among them the tomb of Absalom. Built on an almost sheer hillside, the Church of St Peter in Gallicantu stands on the eastern slope of Mount Zion. The scene of Peter’s disgrace was the courtyard of the high priest Caiaphas. We will walk along the Via Dolorosa ending at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Our day will end at Garden Tomb with time for worshipping and communion.  Dinner and overnight in Jerusalem.


November 29 – Sunday


Early morning transfer to Ben Gurion Airport. Departure to the USA, taking home great memories of a Holy Land tour that will last a lifetime.


Upgrade Options

  • Single room upgrade: $565
  • Premium Economy upgrade:  Average of 6 inches more leg room – $700 per person (when available, price and schedule may very)
  • Business Class upgrade: The luxury of lay-flat seating – $2750 per person (when available, price and schedule may vary)

Payment Schedule

  • Deposit – $1,000 per person – due within 15 days of registration invoice.
  • July 1 – $1,000 per person
  • September 1 – $1,000 per person
  • October 1 – $1,150 per person or balance due.

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No payment due when submitting a registration. You will be invoiced for the deposit and the balance.


Travel Protection

Trip insurance is available and strongly recommended, though not required. You can use our group provider or your own insurance agent. Our travel coverage is through Travelers Insured.

  • Group Delux Coverage- Cost: $331 (Invoiced Separately)

Travel Protection Coverage:


Trip Cancellation Trip Interruption Trip Delay Missed Connection Baggage Baggage delay Non Medical Emergency Evac. Accident & Medical Medical evac/ repatriation Emergency Assistance
Group Delux for covered reason – 100% up to 150% of trip cost  $750  $500  $1,500  $400  $150,000  $50,000  $250,000 Yes
Group Delux with CFAR For any reason – 75%, Covered reason 100% up to 150% of trip cost  $750  $500  $1,500  $400  $150,000  $50,000  $250,000 Yes
Group Lite for Covered reason – 100% up to 100% of trip cost  $500  None  $500  None  None  $10,000  $20,000



Some of the benefits of travel protection:

  • If you or an immediate family member gets sick, laid off, or has another emergency, you will receive a full refund of your registration fees.
  • If you want “cancel for any reason” insurance, it will cost more, but will reimburse a large portion of your trip registration fees for any reason.
  • If your flight is delayed requiring extra transfers or hotel stays, these will be reimbursed.
  • If your luggage is lost, you will be reimbursed for purchases to replace your personal goods.
  • If you have a medical need while traveling, expenses will be reimbursed. Some insurance providers do not cover overseas medical needs. Check with your provider.


Holy Land Tour Safety

If you’ve ever been on a Holy Land tour, you know that safety is only a concern before the tour begins. After the first day, every traveler feels safe, secure, and comfortable with their surroundings. Our DPH Holy Land Tour will use the expert services of EDI Travel of Israel for our guide, buses, and driver. EDI is experienced in Christian travel to Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Greece, and more. Safety is their number one concern. If at any time prior to the tour DPH or EDI considers the trip unsafe, the trip will be canceled and you will be refunded any previously contributed payments through your travel insurance, and no further payments will be required. EDI is in touch with Israel Department of Tourism on a constant basis and is very aware of any problem areas in Israel. These areas, if any, will be avoided.


What do you need to travel?

You will need a passport with six months before expiration.  NOTE: travelers flying on non-USA passports may need additional documentation for travel and entry. It is the responsibility of the traveler to secure these documents.


Theological Perspective

We believe that the theological perspective of your tour leaders and guide is of greatest importance when traveling to Israel. Briefly, our theological perspective is:

  • We believe that Israel and the church are distinct – we reject replacement theology
  • We believe in a pre-tribulation rapture of the church and a coming “Day of Jacob’s Trouble” in which God will draw Israel unto Himself.
  • We believe that Christianity has Hebrew roots, but reject the Hebrew Roots movement that mixes the church and Israel as well as Law and Grace.
  • We believe that the modern nation of Israel has a God-given right to the land of Israel.
  • We believe that all people must be saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

Travel arrangements provided by DPH Travel


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